Camp is bonfires and storytelling, sleeping bags and star gazing. It’s hiking and swimming, noisy mess halls and dirty sneakers. It’s about building forts and forging friendships, growing up and gaining independence. For youth with Type 1, it’s especially helpful in teaching confidence and the freedom that comes with self-care. In addition to that, diabetes camp offers a community where the language of diabetes is understood, is common and in that way, not the most important thing on the itinerary.

With over 172 Camps geared toward serving kids with Type 1 diabetes it is easy to see there is a need for camp. Most of the Camp programs accept kids from across the Nation  to ensure all kids with Type 1 diabetes has an opportunity to attend.  

Diabetes Solutions is a non-profit organization that provides training and support for Type 1 Diabetics and their families. They also sponsor and host Camp Endres in Oklahoma. Diabetes Solutions is a partner with the Oklahoma Born and Branded Festival in raising money and spreading the education for camp. 

The average week at camp cost more than $1,500.00 Most camps have corporate sponsors that help reduce the overall cost but on average a family is still paying $600.00. Your Donation, of any amount, goes directly to sponsor a child to attend Camp. Our goal is to directly impact the families and children by covering their portion of the cost of the Camp. 

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